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if I want to complete the pokedex and get the shiny charm, do all of the Pokemon in my dex have to have the Kalos symbol next to their names?


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No since not every Pokemon is available in Pokemon X and Y, you do not need them to have the Kalos blue pentagon symbol to complete the Pokedex and get the Shiny Charm. As if you transfer a Pokemon from a different region to Kalos it still registers the Pokemon in your National Pokedex.

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and i was wamdering how it would be possible to get the legendary pokemon from other regions to have the Kalos pentagon.
Well if you count Phione as a Legendary Pokémon you can get a Phione with the blue pentagon by breeding a Manaphy or Phione in the Kalos Region. Other Legendary Pokémon who are not from Kalos region and are not obtainable in Pokémon X and Y will probably only be able to get the blue pentagon if they are from an event much like the Pokémon Bank Celebi which has the blue pentagon. This does not count Mewtwo and the Legendary Birds who are available to obtain in the Kalos region.

But don't worry the blue pentagon is not needed to complete the National Pokédex, it's only purpose is to tell you which Pokémon were hatched/caught in the Kalos region.