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In X&Y, is it possible to evolve an Eevee naturally into a Glaceon or a Leafeon? If so, where are the Mossy / Icy Rocks located in order to do this, or is there some other method of evolution used?
(BTW, I know that Serebii.net currently says Ice Rock @ Twist Mountain / Moss Rock @ Pinwheeel Forest; I'm talking about within X&Y.)


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Head south out of Snowbelle City along Route 20 and you'll enter the ominous Winding Woods. Upon entering the first area, you'll find a section covered in grass with a rock at the center. There you can level up Eevee and get Leafeon.

To get Glaceon first you'll need a Pokemon that can use surf. Go to Dendemille Town and then leave to the north to get on a path that leads to the Frost Cavern. Pass through the cave, heading upstairs through the doorway on the right. Make further progress and you'll eventually find a small stream. Next, use surf to reach the other side of the stream. Follow the path around and head downstairs. See that big glacier in the middle of the room? Well, that's an ice rock. Run around until your Max Repel wears off, then level-up an Eevee while near to the rock. It'll evolve into Glaceon upon completing a battle.

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Many thanks! And thanks for answering so promptly.
You could just use a rare candy ya know.
Yes well... The Eevee has to be leveled-up in some way. I get the concept.
I just finished evolving Sylph the Eevee into Sylph the Glaceon.
I went all the way to the stream and forgot my lapras lol