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Hi there.
After one have beaten Elite Four, and fought pretty much all trainers in the game, how do one train one's Pokemons most effective?
I have tried battling Elite Four again, and even though that seems to be the obvious answer, it is pretty boring, after all ^^
I have tried the Battle Chateau, but all the trainers seems to be underleveled (I started battling them efter the Elite Four, so it may just be because I haven't beaten them enough).
The last option is the wild Pokemon at the end of Victory Road, but that seems like the slowest option.

So, what seems to be the right answer? In Black/White there was the stadions with roughly level 60 Pokemons, I am in search of something like that :)

Jonas Strand

You can battle you rival daily in Kiloude city. He/she has fairly high-leveled Pokemon and access to Mega evolution with Absol

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You can battle your rival in Kildoue city once a day, the levels are around 65.
Every day you can have a Inverse Battle with a person in a house on Route 18 whose Pokemon are level 65.
Also, there is Restaurant Le Wow on Hibernal Avenue in Luminose City in which you can pay 100 000 to battle 4 trainers in either a Single,Double,Triple or Rotation Battles. All Pokemon will be lv 63, and you will get most of the money back as reward (credit to my cousin for finding this place).
As a final resort, you can train at the E4. Their Pokemon are between 63 and 70.

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Either spam the elite four with a lucky egg equipped I get 3000+ exp each time diantha is abit more 4000-5000 exp, find any restaurants to battle in the 3 star restaurant in lumiose city is your best bet or buy the version that you don't have and trade your Pokemon over