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Areas which can level 40+ simply. Blissey Bash bases are helpful, but are daily.

victory road

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The Mauville Food Court can be really useful. If you order ramen, you'll be challenged by various trainers with lv65+ Pokemon. Trainers also yield more exp, but unfortunately this can only be done once a day.

Battling the elite four over and over again is a good way to grind for exp, and there is no limit to how many times you can do this per day. You also get a boost for battling a trainer.

You can also battle wild victory road Pokemon, this is unlimited but the Pokemon don't usually give much exp.

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Secret Bases can be helpful. Plenty of trainers with level 100 teams if you can find them.
Also, have the Experience Share on, use your favorite Pokemon and watch the experience roll in.
Lucky eggs also give great amounts of exp as well
Thank you man. I hate grinding but sadly I have to