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I don't understand it at ALL :(


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You receive a Mega Ring shortly after the 3rd gym. With the Mega Ring, you can now activate Mega Stones. There is a different one for each Pokemon, and the name of them is either part of the Pokemon's name or the whole Pokemon's name ending in -ite. Have your Pokemon hold its respective Mega Stone (e.g. Absol holds the Absolite), and in a battle there will be an option to Mega Evolve below it moves. You can also choose a move to use in that turn as well. It will Mega Evolve before everything else in happens in battle (idk about switching, but I assume it has priority over that). Mega Evolutions will only wear off when the battle ends or the Pokemon faints. You are limited to one Mega Evolution per battle.
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so would the absolite be used up?
Nope. It has unlimited uses.
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Well first you give a Pokemon with the potential to mega-evolve their stone as a held item. For example Gengar with his Gengarite. Then when the battle starts you go into the attack menu and there is a mega evolve button. After you mega evolve your stats change to fit that of which was given to that mega Pokemon, and you can attack the same turn you mega evolve. After that you stay mega-evolved until the end of the battle or you faint.

You stay Mega when you faint as well (I think); as far as I can tell it's only when the battle ends does your Pokemon change back.