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I've recently started Pokémon SoulSilver again and I have a Staryu. According to it's Pokédex Moveset page for Gen 4, it learns Cosmic Power at level 51. Is it worth waiting until Staryu learns Cosmic Power before using a Water Stone to evolve it into Starmie? Or should I just go for a full out attack with psychic, signal beam, etc.?

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This question is all up to preference, but since we are talking in terms of viability, I would say yes, but for In-Game play. Although I suggest that you run a "full attack" over this, I cannot it is not a valid Set, since it is.

So yes Cosmic Power is worth it, but I suggest an all out attack Set over that.

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Alright, thanks for the help ^_^
Mhm. No prob.
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Honestly. cosimic power is the wasting time, but unless you know all the good moves on Straru and then Envolve with the water stone.

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