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Dragon pulse only has a power of 80 now and with stab it's 120, however boomburst has a power of 140 and 100 accuracy with no negative side effects, however its a normal type move and has no type coverage. While dragon pulse only has one and thats dragon. I was just wondering what some of you guys think which move should be used over the other.

What does the rest of your moveset look like?
The rest of the moveset is very important.
Sorry this isnt a question about my moveset its just a question toask your opinion on choosing one or the other but i understand that sometimes the rest of the moveset decides that choice so i will offer my moveset as an example
Air slash
Boomburst/dargon pulse

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Just throwing in my two cents..
I'd go with Dragon Pulse. You mentioned that Boom Burst has 100 Accuracy and no negative side effects, but Dragon Pulse has the same attributes. Besides, you can't hit Ghosts with Boom Burst, and 140 power vs 120 power isn't that much of a difference.
Enoch pointed out that you can't hit Fairys with Dragon Pulse, but in my opinion, Air Slash isn't a bad attack at all with STAB. So I suggest you use Dragon Pulse, and Air Slash to attack Fairys.

Ty all i wanted was were opinions on what move they would prefer over the other