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I am gonna breed my female clawitzer with a male squirtle to give it the moves of clawitzer
The move set I want is
Hydro Cannon
Aura Sphere
Ice Beam
Dragon Pulse or Dark Pulse
I don't know which one to choose from dragon pulse or dark pulse if someone could help I would be very greatful and if you can help improve it in anyway please recommend thanks.

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Water Pulse instead of Hydro Cannon. Water Pulse becomes base 90 power and chance of confusion.

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Hydro pump is better than Hydro cannon because it has great power and doesn't need to recharge. Since you have Ice Beam to take out Dragons, I suggest taking Dark pulse. I don't see any other way of improving this.

Hope I helped!

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Thankyou so much for the help
No probs man!
it was a pretty obvious answer
also if u dont want to risk missing u can use water pulse
which is also boosted by mega launcher
nearly teh same power at hydro pump