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I am playing on Pokemon Y and using Bulbasaur and once I use sleep powder on a wild Ferroseed it isn't working. By the way I suck at Pokemon so it is probably some obvious solution I am missing.


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Quite simple my friend, in Pokemon X and Y Grass type Pokemon arnt affected by spore moves. Since Ferroseed is Steel/Grass, things like Stun Spore, Spore, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, etc will not affect it in any way. If it was still in Generation 5(Black, White, black 2, and White 2) it could still be affected by Spore moves.

Thanks, I was just wondering, and is there anyplace that says this on the website other than here?
Look anywhere, it will say it everywhere you check.
I thought it only worked for sleep-inducing moves. Thanks Pokenubz, I learned something today.
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