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In Black and White and B2 and W2, normal haunter had a red outline, shinies had a blue outline. But in Gen VI, haunter doesn't have an outline? How do you tell(please do not put the red star in summary, or the stars when found or used in battle)

They didn't had an outline in hg/ss too, only the mouth had a different color, so I'm assuming it will be just the mouth here too

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In Gen VI, the easiest way to tell is that shiny Haunter has a blue inner mouth; normal Haunter has a red inner mouth.

Apart from that & the sparkles that appear at the beginning of battle, there's actually no way to tell shiny & normal Haunter apart; its body colour is exactly the same.

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I couldn't find any X&Y sprites.

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No difference in body color except for the mouth?  To be honest, that makes no sense whatsoever...
Well, Shiny Garchomp is barely any different to regular Garchomp, so Haunter is not unique in its shiny form being not much different to its normal form.