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It has to be either route 14(normal grass) or route 19(purple) but I don't know which area has the largest unbroken field of grass. Please do not answer if you are not aware of chaining mechanics.

Why do you need a shiny Haunter when there is one right here?
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Sorry If I´m late but I think it should be Route 19 as 1 it´s in a higher level and 2 It rains in route 14 quite much. I also tested to do this and Route 19 was better as I came up to 19 (3 in Route 14). So use Route 19 if you want a better chance.

raining doesnt affect chaining, only hordes
It got something with quagsire or something
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Well, I wouldn't say there is Really say there is a best place to find anyone shiny, really, Shiny Pokemon are those of a different colour, with it rarity, it's really just a way of testing your patience, but to help, if you didn't already know where Haunter is available, here is where you can find it: Frost Cavern, Victory Road, 14 (Laverre Nature Trail), 19 (Grand Vallée Way). I really doubt it would be easier to find a shiny for one specific area, but as long as you have undying patience, you will find the Shiny Haunter you desire, just remember to have a good supply of Pokeballs on you, I hate for you to encounter one and run out of or not have any Pokeballs to begin with. Good Luck

In case you forgot what a shinny Haunter Looks like >>> http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/haunter <<<

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"Please do not answer if you are not aware of chaining mechanics"