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i am now trying to catch ditto for days trying to get 6 max IVs in safari zone in Pokemon x
is it possible to get that 6 max IVs ? and every how many Pokemon to catch to get 6 max IVs ?
should I complete or its impossible ?

thanks guys you helped me a lot really

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It is very much possible to get perfect IVs, but it is incredibly rare. There is a 1 in 31 (or 3%) chance you will get one stat with perfect IVs. Getting two stats with 31 IVs become a 3% of the first 3%, a very slim chance already. Repeat this 6 times for each stat, there is 0,0000000729% chance if getting a Pokemon with perfect IVs (is considerably more common to find a Shiny). So unless you are really feeling lucky, this will be a very tedious job.
However, there is a slight ray of hope. Pokemon caugth in the Friend Safari always have two perfect IVs, not perfect, but certainly no bad. This would at least allow you to breed Pokemon with IVs perfect in the stats you want to specialise in.
Source: http://www.serebii.net/xy/friendsafari.shtml

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If you want a Pokemon with 6 max IV's, then breeding is your best option. Of course, since this is Ditto, then it can't breed and create itself, so never mind.
The chance of finding a Pokemon with 6 perfect IV's in the wild are so small that I personally wouldn't bother with it. But then I'm an impatient guy. I've spent the last few days searching for a Ditto with an Adamant nature, and have practically given up by now, and that's just trying to find a certain nature, which is much easier to get than perfect IV's. To give you an idea of how hard it is to get a Pokemon with flawless IV's through breeding (which like I said is a lot easier than in the wild), then look at the source below. If both parents have 5 perfect IV's, then the chance of the offspring can run anywhere from 1/59916 to 1/140734, depending on exactly which stats are perfect in the parents. This was written before the release of X and Y, though, so I'm betting the new use of the Destiny Knot has vastly improved these stats. However, the fact remains that even through breeding (pre-X and Y) you are not likely to get a Pokemon with perfect IV's. And of course it is even harder in the wild.

So, in short, I would suggest giving up your quest for the perfect Ditto (which I'm assuming you intended to use for breeding anyway).

Source for breeding for perfect IV's