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in gen 5 there was something called a training battle after your eggs hatch you can go to there to start a battle then he will make all of your Pokemons at lvl 50 to check your IVs then they will come back to normal after you finish but in Pokemon x and y I couldnt find something like that only on online which its impossible to make other people to wait for you every time to calculate
so is there other ways ?

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thank you guys i found my answer i found the girl who makes my pokemin 50 for the battle
its in south bilverd the big city

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IV Judge (Kiloude City Pokemon Center) – The IV Judge will take a look at your Pokemon and tell you what stats they have 31 IVs in. If the judge says that It can simply not be beat then you have a fully maxed out IV for that stat. On the flip side, if the judge makes a comment about how terrible the IV is you have a 0 IV in that stat.

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If save your game enter a subway battle, go through the menu to see your summary stats, and enter those and the lol 1 stats you will find bore specific results. Turn off your game after the subway battle, or the Pokemon wil gain Evs.

There isn't a battle subway in X&Y. It only exists in Gen V...
Try the battle mansion i think?