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I have encountered Zapdos five times, then I figured out it can be found by checking coastal Kalos Pokedex, but Zapdos is always on the move, and it always moves more randomly than Thunurus in Pokemon White... I once traveled all the way from Anistar to Route five to find it, it kept its position, then when I travel anywhere else without flying and without running/roller skating, it'll change its position more frequently and now I'm puzzled on how to catch it if it's always on the move like this...

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i had the same problem. this is what I did, instead of flying all the way to his location, I tried to predict where he might fly to if I did that, and fly there instead. for example, if he was in route 4, and recently he was in route 2, he may continue his pattern & go to route 6

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Hmm. Ok, I'll try to do what you do.