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If so what are they for which UBER


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No, not every legendary have a signature move. Here are the pokemon who do with the move:

Ho-oh-sacred fire
Jirachi-doom desire
Deoxys-psycho boost
Dialga-roar of time
Palkia-spacial rend
Heatran-magma storm
Regigigas-crush grip
Giratina-shadow force
Cresselia-lunar dance
Manaphy-heart swap
Darkrai-dark void
Shaymin-seed flare

Remember smeargle can learn all these moves with sketch.

Also resheiram and zekrom
You have forgotten the following:
Latios-Luster Purge
Latias-Mist Ball
Kyogre-Origin Pulse
Groudon-Precipice Blades
Rayquaza-Dragon Ascent
Victini-Searing Shot
Reshiram-Blue Flare
Zekrom-Bolt Strike
Kyurem-Glaciate/Ice Burn/Freeze Shock (Depending on form)
Keldeo-Secret Sword
Meloetta-Relic Song
Genesect-Techno Blast
Yveltal-Oblivion Wing
Zygarde-Land's Wrath, Thousand Arrows, Thousand waves, Core Enforcer
Diancie-Diamond Storm
Hoopa-Hyperspace Hole/Hyperspace Fury (Depending on form)
Volcanion-Steam Eruption
Solgaleo-Sunsteel Strike
Lunala-Moongeist Beam
Necrozma-Prismatic Laser
Magearna-Fleur Cannon
Marshadow-Spectral Thief
And Ho-Oh doesn't have a signature move. Entei can learn Sacred Fire too. And you have spelling mistakes.
This was in 2010 when many of these moves did not exist but I agree someone should edit them in
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Correct pokemon black but you are forgeting that as of gen V mewtwo know has a signiture move psycho-break which uses special attack for a physical move. Latios and Latias have Luster purge and mist ball respectively in every generation.

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Here is a complete list...

Moltres - Sky Attack
Mewtwo - Psystrike
Lugia - Aeroblast
Ho oh - Scared Fire
Latias - Mist Ball
Latios - Luster Purge
Groudon - Precipice Blades
Kyrogue - Origin Pulse
Rayquaza - Dragon Ascent
Jirachi - Doom Desire
Deoxys - Psycho Boost
Dialga - Roar of Time
Plakia - Special Rend
Heatran - Magma Storm
Regigigas - Crush Grip
Girtiana - Shadow Force
Cresselia - Lunar Dance
Manaphy - Heart Swap
Darkrai - Dark Void
Shaymin - Seed Flare
Arceus - Judgement
Victini - Searing Shot
Cobalion - Scared Sword
Terrakion - Scared Sword
Virizon - Scared Sword
Reshiram - Fusion Flare, Blue Flare
Zekrom - Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike
Kyurem - Glaciate
Black Kyurem - Fusion Bolt, Freeze Shock
White Kyurem - Fusion Flare, Ice Burn
Keldeo - Scared Sword
Genescet - Techno Blast
Xernas - Geomancy
Yvetal - Oblivion Wing
Zygrade - Land's Wrath, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves, Core Enforcer
Diancie - Diamond Storm
Hoopa - Hyperspace Hole
Volcanion - Steam Eruption
Tapu koko - Nature's Madness
Tapu fini - Nature's Madness
Tapu bulu - Nature's Madness
Tapu lele - Nature's Madness
Solgaleo - Sunset Strike
Lunala - Moongeist Beam
Kartana - Cut
Necrozma - Prismatic Laser
Magerena - Fleur Cannon

Well actually Signature Move means only one Pokemon can learn this move in any one generation by any one method.

A few of those moves you listed are not signature moves. A few of the pokemon you listed don't have signature moves. Signature move means only one pokemon can learn that move no matter what. And you have spelling mistakes.