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Now I know that when you Mega Evolve, if you were previously slower than the opponent then you would move after the opponent even if the Mega Evo had higher Speed. However, what if you were faster?


Abomasnow is faster than Aggron. However, Mega Abomasnow is slower than Aggron. Will Mega Abomasnow still attack first?


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Sorry made a mistake with my first one, double checked to make sure and it was wrong.

Tested with Jojo
And also my test in-game (vs Brother) showed that Mega Abomasnow moved first with previous stats, but then on second turn Aggron moved first.

Source: Tested

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Showdown source is worthless because nothing coming from Showdown right now can currently be trusted with it being Beta and all, so thanks for the ingame test.