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Why Gamefreak make Xerneas to be so powerful that overwhelming with super-effective move and also super-effective type against Yveltal and Zygarde? I mean in previous generation Gamefreak always make it normal damage (not (super-effective and not-effective)), even Dialga and Palkia's steel and water move make it not-effective against each other along with Zekrom and Reshiram. Well, left Groudon and Kyogre, which is Kyogre had advantage type against Groudon.

If I'm not clear. Please don't hesistate to ask me.

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no?  moonblast is strong against dragon and I ev trained mine in speed and could moonblast both whick would ko since it is super effective .
Yes why would have a Pokemon legend that's SE (super effective) to the others including the fact so far fairy type has only 2 known weaknesses,  as well as 2 would be too little 3-4 maybe. Also why yet other legendarys are equal eg Reshiram zekrom kyurem.

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Good always triumphs over evil right? Is not that the saying? Benevolence wins out over destruction, and although both life and death are inevitable, life comes first and is on going, while death occurs only in an instance? Indeed.

As such, it makes sense, that Xerneas, Life, is seemingly at the advantage to Yveltal, Destruction, although truly speaking the two are equal. As for Zygarde, Life, like death is chaotic, and going on the law of entropy, chaos always wins out over order, although order may at times be restored. It is also of my opinion that Zygarde is weaker than the other two legendaries as of know because, similar to Kyurem, it has yet to have need to awaken its true power.

The reason Zekrom and Reshiram have a such a balanced relationship (equal stats with similar, fair spread, weakness to Dragon, resistance or Electric/Fire) is that they represent Ying and Yang, well specifically Truth and Ideals, seemingly contrary elements that are equal and interdependent. As such, their evenness is logical.

Dialga may have the advantage to Palkia and Giratina because unlike Space and Substance, which the latter two represent, Time is not malleable, that is it is unaltered, continually flowing unimpeded. In other words, while it is relatively easy to change where and what you are, it is quite hard to change when you are.

Finally, Kyogre having the advantage over Groudon would make sense. Why else would the world be covered mostly by seas, as opposed to land?

This is a rather overly in universe take on the matter, but I hope this helps

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Respect, man.
Is destruction really a bad thing though?
I'm not buying the good vs. evil argument when there's Darkrai > Cresselia. :P
Valid points to you both.
evil will rule for a time but  Evil never wins
Neither good nor evil ever wins. It is an ongoing struggle with no end. When more people support evil, evil will win. But never will there come a time where every bit of good is destroyed, nor will there ever come a time where all evil is destroyed. It is up to humans to decide which side to take.
exactly i mean that it seems that evil wins but  good can never lose forever
Time is just as "malleable" as space. the only constant is speed.
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What are you talking about? Dialga obviously has the upperhand against Palkia and Giratina because Dragon does neutral damage to it, while its Dragon STAB moves will do super effective damage to Palkia & Giratina.

Zapdos has the upperhand against Articuno and Moltres because of its STAB electric, Moltres > Articuno because of its STAB fire.

Oh, and also the Golems; Registeel's Iron Head STAB is super effective against both Regice and Regirock, and also resists both Regirock & Regice's STAB moves.

Oh, wait, then there's Darkrai, who obviously overpowers Cresselia, because its Dark STAB is x2 against Cresselia and the latter can't do jack against Darkrai.

Then there's all the Dragon legendaries, not counting the Time/ Space trio, like Latias/Latios and Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem, who all have super effective moves against each other.

So your point of Xerneas being overpowered... what, that it's unique? No, it isn't.

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Actually I'm talking about Pokemon Mascot okay? Also I said Dialga and Palkia's steel and water type move. Geez, you don't read the description? Also I said about Reshiram and Zekrom is about their Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt move. Got it?
So did you just ignore my point about the Golems and the dreams duo? And if you talk about "normal" damage, then doesn't Yveltal have STAB flying and Zygrade have STAB ground against Xerneas?
The point about Dialga & Palkia was that it wasn't balanced like your Q said it was. Water is only x1/2 against Dialga because of its Dragon typing; steel doesn't resist Water. The Time trio aren't balanced because Palkia & Giratina's STAB Dragon moves are only x1 against Dialga, and they have no super effective STAB moves against Dialga either.
Nor are the Tao trio "balanced", because Kyurem's second typing, Ice, is x2 on Zekrom, as well as its Dragon STAB.
flying and ground are not strong against fairy
The point was that they're STABs that will do neutral damage, so Xerneas doesn't completely overpower either of them just by typing.