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Welp. So now I don't need to decide between tons of movesets..... (I wish the moveset questions had a 'best set' aka BA)

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The best item for Xerneas (and the most predictable one) is the Power Herb, to make it gain an instant boost from Geomancy.
However, Xerneas can be used in other rather uncommon ways, including:

  • Life Orb: All Out Attacker.
  • Leftover: Calm Mind or Defensive sets.
  • Choice Scarf: Mixed Attacker.


The best item for Yveltal would be the Big Root, Which makes its signature move, Oblivion Wing restore a whopping 97.5%HP of the damage it deals.
However, like Xerneas, it has other startegies:

  • Choice Scarf: SpA set with U-Turn.
  • Life Orb: Mixed attacker.
  • Leftovers: for Bulkier sets.
  • Rocky Helmet: for specifically Defensive sets.
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It depends on the kind of set you are running, but the most common is the Power Herb + Geomancy strategy. Life Orb is a viable option too, but not as effective as the Geomancy stategy.
If this is for in-game, just something like a Pixie Plate will do.


I find Life Orb users common, but I also see Leftovers, as Yveltal is outsped by most of the Uber tier and bulky sets can be more effective. Choice Specs or Band can also be unpredictable.
Again, if this is for in-game then give it a Dread Plate or Sitrus Berry, Big Root works as we'll.

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The White Herb removes stat drops, i think you meant to say Power Herb :P
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