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I just noticed that I don't have any male Litleo. I am playing Y. I have been looking for wild ones & so far 8 out of 8 that I have found have been female. Does this mean that Y only has female ones or is this just a fluke? I'd hate to have to rely upon the predators over at the GTS.

PS: Dear Pokebase, I know you get a lot of people who cant spell for bleep but please don't force me to phrase my heading in the form of a question! It forces me to then go & reword what I'm trying to say in unfitting ways!

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It blows my mind too, but, Litleo is most likely to be female. BUT MALE PYROAR IS MORE WELL KNOWN!

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Firstly, your title is fine, I'm sure.

Secondly, the reason this is happening is because Litleo has a 75% chance of being female, and only a 25% of being male.

Mathematically, the next 24 Litleos you get should all be female, but that's all literally an educated guess.

But yeah, it's still possible to get a male Litleo. Don't worry. :3

Hope I helped. :)

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What do you mean when you say the next 24 should be female? That doesn't make sense.
Thanks for your answer!
I've only been in the Pokemon world for about 5 months & I thought I might be missing some kind of obvious thing, or not have gotten the memo about version exclusives or something.  
Ok thanks!  Now I am off to go get violently mugged at the GTS.