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So, I've restarted my Pokemon X (For those curious people, I have a Lv.12 Pancham and Skiddo, a Lv.17 Vivillion and I'm on Route 7) and I wanted a male Litleo to help me with the first gym. I looked for like two hours and only found 12 female Litleo, no male. I know that there is a 25% to 75% ratio of finding a male, but that would mean I would have found one at least 3 times.


your unlucky
try getting fenniken but it no use for her surskit
RNG hates you :O

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Although Bulbapedia and Serebii reports a 25% male ratio, Veekun reports a ratio of 12.5%. There might be a mix of rotten luck and incorrect documentation to your issue.

Furthermore, googling seems to find many cases like yours.

If by any chance you have a female Pokémon with ability Cute Charm, I'd recommend putting her as first Pokémon of your party. This way you'll enjoy a 66% male ratio.

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There's Skitty on route 4 (Ability 1 is Cute Charm, 75% female ratio) if you don't mind a bit of "yak shaving".
Cute Charm can do that? Nice :O
@Diligent Digi-Egg Everytime I go hunting for females with hidden abilities in XY's friend safari, I bring a male Sylveon with ability Cute Charm and move Skill Swap. It's super useful!
I'ma try this. Thank you.