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I tried breeding a male Pancham from the Friend Safari with 31 IVs in HP and Sp.Atk with a female Eevee with 31 IVs Speed. I had Pancham hold a Power Weight, because I needed HP, (the Sp.Atk would come later in like a chain breed thing with another male Eevee) and the Eevee hold the Power Anklet. The two female Eevees that came out of the eggs came up with 31 IVs SpAtk, and 31 IVs Spe, whereas the males all came out 31 IVs HP and Spe.

I double checked the items and everything, so what went wrong?


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I don't think anything came out wrong exactly - when breeding IVwise the offspring inherits a guaranteed IV that is determined with the Power items, and two other random IVs. When both parents hold an item, it doesn't mean both IVs are passed down. Just one of the IVs randomly decided between the two.

The female Eevees inherited the item-determined perfect HP IV, the random Sp. Atk stat and another unknown IV.

The male Eevees inherited the item-determined HP/Speed IV, the randomly-determined Speed/HP IV and another random IV.

What I'm surprised about the most is how all the males got the same two IVs, but that must have been luck I guess. Apart from that, there's nothing wrong. I guess you were just viewing it from a different point of view, or lack of knowledge, something forgivable. xD

Hope I helped. :)

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