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I have a pokemon Emerald Version and I've played 100 hours. I don't want to lose the data so I wanted to know how much more I could play until it stops and becomes unable to save.

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I've had Ruby since it came out. I tried it a few weeks back and everything worked fine. So it should last a pretty long time.

If you have a gen 4 game (Diamond, HeartGold etc) what you could do is migrate your pokemon (and items if they hold them) to those games instead. (You won't be able to send them back though.)

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when your internal battery goes out, you don't really lose any data, except that you can't do time based events. but as for how long, i don't know, sorry.

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I'm not sure about that.  My brother has a really anchient game boy color and Gold for it (not HeartGold).  It's internal battery died and all of his data was lost.  He started a new game.  It would be fine until he saved, turned it off, and tried to play again.  Then his new file would be gone like the old one.
yes that happens to gold and silver, where they didn't really have the technology to create super long lasting batteries, but not with emerald, etc. with the emerald, when the battery runs dry, all you can't do is time events, like berries, etc.
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I've played Emerald for over 200 hours and it still works, so it should be fine.

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