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Since you can choose the language of X & Y just before you start the game, does a different language Pokemon (for Masuda method) count from the language you set your game at, or from the region your 3DS is from?

I would have thought it was the language chosen, but idk
l was actually wondering this myself, but l'm not so sure on Nintendo's policy of region locking this time around.
^ Kind of, but not exactly and the answer isn't the one I'm looking for.

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I made a whole answer as to why the Masuda Method relies on region-locked Pokemon.

Here it is! :D

Hope I help. :)

While I think your answer is most likely true (i.e., it has to be different cartridges to count), "This hasn't been confirmed yet" isn't really a great way to start an answer...
Where do I put it then? D: