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I mean with this Pokémon like Incineroar is typed in French as Félinferno.
And Solgaleo still keeping the same name in French, and English.
I hope that makes sense.

That's all!

Lux is a Latin word. Most languages are influenced by Latin so that may be why they kept it as is. Can't say for sure, though. It might take people a while to go through every Pokemon to see which ones haven't changed...
Though, the one who does gets BA + upvote from me. And I think other people would too
I think fewer Pokemon had the same names, so maybe we only need to find those.
I guess sumwun is right.
Looks like we're going through each and every Pokémon from Bulbasaur to Zeraora.

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According to the rules page

If the answer calls for a long list or a huge amount of detail, then it is fine to link to another site

So a lot of Pokemon change their name in french, so here is the list.

There are also quite a few that re the same in english in french, but that list should help your cousiin

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