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It sucks but you can only mega evolve once. So even if your mega charizard faints (it probably wouldn't happen) you can't decide oh well I'll just evolve my blastoise into a mega blastoise...That would't happen...Just have a team of stage 1 and stage two Pokemon you'll be OP. Now I'm definitely not saying you should never mega evolve here are some quick tips and stuff.

fishermen sends out lvl 1 magikarp (don't evolve)

red sends out lvl 90 gyarados (wouldn't happen but evolve)

Champion sends out lvl 60 dragonite (evolve so hardcore)

bug catcher sends out level 3 weedle (unless your a level 1 magikarp and your whole non-virtual life is at stake don't evolve)

There is also many times in tournaments where you think you need to mega evolve there will always be another tournament don't waste anything on a lvl 99 magikarp and if your saying in the comments you already did to you I say ... and I hope you learned a mega evolution is NEVER worth a magikarp again unless your whole life is at stake and your a level 1 magikarp.
Shouldn't you have put that answer int he answers- not in the comments...

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Only once; even if the Pokemon you Mega Evolved faints, you cannot Mega Evolve another.

This was likely added as a way to prevent overpowered teams. Just imagine a world like this:

Guy 1: Godammit this Mewtwo is OP.

Starmie used Surf! A critical hit!
The foe's Mewtwo fainted!

Guy 1: Yes! Maybe I can win now!
Guy 2: Yeah, if you can beat my Mega Lucario.
Guy 1: ;~;

Man, I feel bad for Guy 1.
I'd be Guy 1.