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I've seen Some moves on this website and I was looking at some pokemon and As I was looking at The moves and stuff I saw tutor moves and I wonderd how I could teach pokemon moves without getting TM or HM

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In Platinum, you can trade shards to certain people to get them to teach your pokemon moves(not in D/P).
For HG/SS, see http://www.serebii.net/heartgoldsoulsilver/movetutors.shtml

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Platinum trade shards to certin people and they will teach you pokkemon some moves
on soul silver and heart gold its much easier reach to blackhorn city and theres a house there with the move deleter and the draco meteor touter the ultimete move touter and the one that makes pokemon reamember old moves
in the battle frontir theres a house with three guys in it they touter your pokemon for battle points

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