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So in Pokemon X & Y this guy who gives you the Super Rod or what says the chain fishing thingy where if you fish at the same spot many times and you keep hooking up Pokemon you might get a shiny Pokemon. So, back to the question. 1. Does chain fishing work only with the Super Rod, or the Old and Good rods also work? 2. Like using the PokeRadar, you can defeat a Pokemon and it will be considered as part of the chain or you must keep tossing Pokeballs and catch any Pokemon you fish up?


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For your 1st question, you can use any rod to chain fish. I got my shiny Clauncher with the Good Rod, so I know! As for your second question, chain fishing is based on if you actually hook the fish, not if you catch or defeat it. You can actually run away from the Pokemon and the streak will not be broken!
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