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This has been asked before here, but the info is outdated with the release of X and Y, so it'd be nice to know the list of Gen VI signature moves.


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If I had to name them they would be:

Chesnaught - Spiky Shield (Protect with a bonus)
Delphox - Mystic Fire
Greninja - Water Shuriken and Mat Block
Pancham/Pangoro - Parting Shot
Inkay/Malamar - Topsy-Turvy
Hawlucha - Flying Press (A flying/fighting type move)
Klefki - Crafty Shield
Xerneas - Geomancy
Yveltal - Oblivion Wing
Zygarde - Land's Wrath

And I'm thinking Aegislash with King's Shield also counts though not sure if it can be breed.

Bulbapedia/Current knowledge.

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There is also Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant, Fire pledge, Grass pledge, Water pledge which are starter pokemon signature moves.
They aren't new gen VI ones.