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What are all of the signature moves that Pokémon can use in Pokémon go. Please also add which Pokémon it belongs to.

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Go or showdown?
I’m now realizing that I made a mistake. I meant Pokémon go.
if multiple pokemon in a evolution line get it does it count as a signature move?
Yes, they count.
the entire topic of signature moves is very vague

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Magnemite & Magneton: Magnet Bomb
Lugia: Aeroblast
Deoxys: Psycho Boost
Mewtwo: Psystrike
Victini: V-Create
Jirachi: Doom Desire
Cubone & Marowak: Bone Club
Cobalion: Sacred Sword
Genesect: Techno Blast ~
Marowak-Alola: Shadow Bone
Hawlucha: Flying Press ~

~ = Not in Pokemon Go yet

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