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I know this is complicated, but I can't think of any other way to do it. If you know of an easier way you can tell me in an answer.

I would teach a stunfisk fissure by leveling it up then breed it with a spheal to teach the spheal fissure then breed the spheal with a lapras to teach the lapras fissure then finally breed the lapras with a snorlax to teach the snorlax fissure.


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You don't need the Spheal at all; Stunfisk can breed with Lapras. They're both in the Water 1 Egg group.


  1. male Stunfisk with Fissure
    -breed with female Lapras
    -resulting baby Lapras must be male
  2. male Lapras with Fissure
    -breed with female Snorlax

Result: baby Snorlax (or Munchlax if it's holding Full Incense) with Fissure!

I just have to qualify this answer: Fissure is a horrible move.

I agree, Fissure isn't worth it unless u spam X ACCURACYs
do you think Guillotine or horn drill would be better?
Thanks for the answer!
They are the pretty much the exact same thing except for typing lol xD
Guillotine, Sheer Cold, Fissure and Horn Drill are all really bad moves. The accuracy is calculated by level, i.e. if you're the same level as your opponent, the chances of hitting are 30%. The higher level you are than your opponent, the better chance of it hitting.
By the time you're high enough level for those 4 moves to have decent accuracy, you're so overpowered that using any damaging move would OHKO your opponent, negating the point of having any of those moves.
you have a good point... thanks anyway!