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I was online researching the Masuda Method and it came to me that you need two Pokemon from different countries in order to improve your chances of receiving a Pokemon that is shiny. So with the new Pokémon Bank we can restart our game and get new Pokemon as many times as we want correct? But before doing so if we select let's say "Japanese" as our language will that act as me receiving a Japanese starter? Or will this fail because I've already selected English as my language, or is it because I bought Pokémon Y in the USA?

You do realize nobody can answer this untill poke'bank comes out, right?
To be honest if you went by this theory, you don't need Pokebank. All you need are two games, e.g. X&Y, start one in Japanese and one in English and breed the Pokemon together.

From my understanding though, your region is set to your 3DS' region, not your game's language, but I'm not 100% on this.

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Okay, for your Pokebank question, this states that Pokemon on the Pokebank will survive if you restart your Pokemon X or Y copy.

As for the Masuda Method, it wold fail because of you're region - each cartridge has a region pre-assigned to the cartridge. It's normally on the sticker of the cartridge, the bottom-right. Sorry.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Above Link and the many sites confirming that the region decides the Masuda Method.

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Ah man I thought I was on to something thanks for your help. :) Oh and that does make sense.
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Well basically if you want to the the Madusa method yes, you will need two Pokémon from different countries. But if you buy a Pokémon game in let's say... Korea and you set the language to English then your starter will be English. As for the Pokémon Bank I can't answer that.

Hope this was enough help! :D