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I've been breeding in Black 1, I've been trying to get a shiny sewaddle via Masuda Method.
I've been breeding for 4 weeks now. I've filled 12 boxes with nothing but non-shiny sewaddle.
Am I doing something wrong?
I got a sewaddle from Japan from the GTS.
I put it with a ditto I caught from my country (which is not Japan).
And still no shiny.
Am I doing something wrong?

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12*30=360. that means you have hatched around 360 eggs. that chance of getting a shiny is 1/1366. that means 1,006 eggs to go. and even then, it is not an absolute deal.
1/1366=.07% chance. I've been trying with Minccino since the beginning of November and still nothing.
If i were to get any shiny i wouldn't make it a sewaddle. If you just get a forrein ditto you can get lots of different awesomer shinies.

Plus use soft resetting to avoud thousands of useless level 1 pokemon.

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Its just so rare in getting a shiny.Try and just dont give up.Chances are 1/1366.

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No you're fine but the chance is still pretty low.

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Sorry to bum you out, but you have a 0.07 chance in getting a shiny Pokemon. But if you keep trying, you just might get the Sewaddle that you want.

So I guess you are breeding a Pokemon that is from your country and one that from another country. And if you aren't then I suggest getting a Pokemon from another country and breeding yours and the other.

Hope this helps! :)

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not sure how you added to the already existing answer... except you gave a decimal fraction, while the others normal...
Well sine GL put the decimal in the comment, I wanted to go ahead put it into an answer. But still I give GL credit.
He said in the question he was breeding a Japanese Pokemon with one found in his country. There is nothing in this answer that adds to anything that was not already stated.
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