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Alright, I have a male lv95 Greninja that has SPA by it. I bred that to get a female froakie. I am breeding them right now because I want a shiny protean froakie. Am I doing it right?
(Both of them have protean) What are the chances? This is in Y


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To do the Masuada Method you need two parent Pokémon from different countries, which you have. That's about it. Still note that, while the MM increases the chance of hatching a Shiny drastically, it's still a very small chance.

The Oval and Shiny Charms are helpful, but not necessary, and are quite difficult to get besides. With the Shiny Charm the chance of hatching a Shiny rises to 1/512, or approx. 0.002%.


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You've never needed any Pokemon to hold Destiny Knot earlier, do you have any sources to support this?
I'm sorry, I double-checked and Destiny Knot doesn't. I've just always been in the habit of slapping one on my foreign Ditto for free IVs :P