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So I’m going to breed a Bidoof (With a Ditto). It’s a Female with the ability Unaware. Bidoof has two abilities, Simple, and Unaware. Will the chances be 50/50 on the ability being passed down? If not, why? This is in Pokémon XY.

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If you give it an everstone it will always pass it down
Everstone works for natures not abilities.
Oh, right

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No, breeding a Pokemon with two standard abilities won't give a 50/50 percent chance of either ability in Pokemon XY. According to Serebii,

"If the mother has their ability in slot 1, then the baby has an 80% chance of hatching with that ability, and 20% for the second ability and viceversa if the mother has the ability in the second slot." Source

Before Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, the baby Pokemon had a 50/50 percent chance of inheriting the mothers ability.

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Thanks for the information! Guess iĺl go catch another female Bidoof with the ¨Simple¨ ability so I have a better chance of getting a shiny Bidoof with Simple once I start Masuda Method breeding it.
Yeah it's easier to obtain another Bidoof in the wild than to breed for one. Also, don't worry I had the same problem too, with my Goomy.