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alright so I love scrafty.
I am trying to get it perfect (all 31 IV's, shiny, nature etc...)
but I need some help past egg moves and nature.
any suggestions?
I have a Lvl. 75 Japanese haxorus with the 1 egg move that I need but I still need Ice punch*, is there a move tutor for that?

if you need to know where I am I have recently beaten the champion and caught mewtwo.
PS: SpA IV doesn't matter to me, health is not the best, but SpD and Def, along with attack and speed are what I most need.

Poison jab will also work quite nicely, but there must be a TM for it, if not I may be able to breed it with a drapion or a croagunk.

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As for the Perfect IVs, you can watch this video to learn how to get perfect IVs in each stat.

According to this page, there are no movetutors that teach Ice Punch, other then the move re-learner.
Here is what I suggest: Chain Breeding.
After searching for 20 minutes, I have concluded that I would have to know where you are in the game and what Pokemon are yet available to you to chain breed. Something along the lines of Human-like Pokemon –> Field Pokemon –> Scraggy.
If you have a Buneary, this wouldn't take long.

Anyways, I can help you more when I know where you are and what I'm working with.
Shiny is on your own, buddy. I suggest tipping your waitresses. And using the Pokeradar.
Nature is in the video.

For any additional questions, just comment.

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just pointing out that Smeargle is in the Field egg group, and so can bypass the need for chain breeding.