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what pokemon should i use i'm in gen 5 and it said toxicrock would work but when i'm at the daycare and i ask the old man how there doing it says the seem to get along isn't it supposed to say that they rather play with each other the anybody else? what pokemon should i use to breed my hitmonchan and ditto doesn't work either

you could get a tyrogue and get its defense as high as you can then evolve it

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Well Toxicroak would have to be female to breed with Hitmonchan, though it should be noted that the egg will be a Croagunk. With Ditto Hitmonchan should breed perfectly. As long as it does not say that they "Prefer to play with other Pokemon" they will eventually produce eggs just be patient.

Remember that they only lay eggs while you are walking. There is a certain percentage of them laying an egg after a certain amount of steps.

yess but i have another question my hitmonchan is level 100 but my ditto is level 59 does the level diffrence make an effect?
No, level has absolutely no effect what so ever.
ok thank you soo much cause i wanna EV train a new hitmonchan soo that's why :P thank you again
No problem but please use the comment system.