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I got a tyrogue ( A friend used his AR on my game so one would appear in the wild ) and I evolved him into a hitmonchan. at level 20 currently my hitmonchan knows absolutely no fighting type moves and it really bothers me. Please help, and by the way this is in HG/SS

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You could find one without using cheats.

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Hitmonchan learns Mach Punch at level 16, but you can't get it from Tyrogue, so you'll need to go to the Move Relearner to get it.

It learns Vacuum Wave at level 26 but that's Special so won't be as powerful. You'd have to train to level 36 to get a good one, Sky Uppercut.

Or you can teach Drain Punch or Brick Break by TM. DP would be quite good, especially with leftovers since Hitmonchan has decent defense.

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Ok superflygon that is not a very good set for him I suggest.

Mach Punch/Brick break(Mach punch to compensate for that low speed or brick break for highier power)

Ice punch(Covers flying types)

E-quake(The best physical move of all time(that can be used by many pokemon)

Bullet punch(Covers pokemon immune to mach punch)