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I hav an AWESOME Meganium in Heart Gold and I heard that I could Teach it leaf storm. Does anyone know where to do this or how?

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well i have a meganium with leaf storm, first you have to catch a male sceptile,exeggutor or torterra and a female meganium, train sceptile,exeggutor or torterra till it knows the move leaf storm then put it in a pokemon day-care with the female meganium, then come back for awhile when you get a egg, hatch it it will contain either a male or female chikorita that knows leaf storm

hopes this helped
(note:sceptile,exeggutor and torterra can learn leaf storm via level increase)

this is how my meganium learned leaf storm
so? did you already do what i said?
You know what, that is OK. I do not want to train a whole new Meganium. The one I have is lvl 69 and they take a long time to train. Besides, it would take a while to find a Chikorita with a special attack nature to make leaf storm any good.
i see do what you gonna do, but for me i trained a new meganium for this and my old meganium was already on a high level

hope i helped
But the thing is what if you havent got a torterra or a sceptile or a exeggutor?....
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Acually, you can get leaf storm by egg but you can't teach it leaf storm.