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Last time I checked, I think it knows Iron Tail, Electro Ball, Volt Tackle, and Thunderbolt. Would this be a good moveset for a Pikachu in an actual game? Also how would you rate it in terms of moves and such.

3 electric attacks...?

After 10 years, Ash is still so much of an idiot he doesn't even know how to grow older...
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Anime movesets aren't supposed to be taken seriously for game purposes. The animators just draw the moves that look cool in battle. Just consider how boring a stat spamming battle would be; remember when Ash's Metapod faced another Metapod and they just spammed Harden?
Very true @fondant

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In-game wise, Pikachu's moves are not recommended, but if you level it up enough, then they could be used. But any decent ground or steel type is gonna kill you off instantly, like Steelix or Mageton.

Also, if you wanted to use that set competitively, well, just don't. Ever. It's horrendous and you will lose.

One more thing, it forgot Volt Tackle to learn Electro Ball. It still knows Quick Attack

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pikachu resists steel types... just so you know