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Let me explain:

Arceus is God. And it says on some places that Mew was the 1st Pokemon so Arceus most likely made it first. And I think Arceus then created Ho-Oh and gave it the job to create the skies, and created Lugia and gave it the job of making the seas. Then Ho-Oh created Suicune, Entei, and Raikou to protect people, and Lugia created Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres to protect the skies. Then Arceus made Kyogre and Groudon just to be guardians or whatever of the oceans and continents, respectively. Then maybe Kyogre and Groudon got into a fight so Arceus created Rayqwaza and gave it the job of stopping them from fighting and watching over them. Also I believe Arceus created Dialga and Palkia and gave them the job of creating/protecting time and space, respectively. Then Arceus made Giratina and gave it its own dimension to be god of or whatever. Groudon is the Continent Pokemon, but I bet he was all like "God, I made these continents, now what do I do??" So Arceus was like, "Okay, I create someone to help you" so Arceus created Regigigas and gave it the job of pulling the continents together. Eventually Arceus gave Regigigas its own little team (the Regis). And as we see in some of the games, there's more than one Regi team so they were all probably given the job to protect spiritual caves (I think they even say that in the anime). Then Arceus then made the Unova Musketeer trio and gave them their own jobs (Id remember what their roles are) and whatever. I think it created things such as Celebi, Manaphy, the DNA that'd eventually become Deoxys, Jirachi for the hell of it.

Okay, that's all I got. Idk if this is only a theory or if some of this is actually proven and stated. So what I want to ask is, how are the legendaries that I didn't mention (Idk if Mythical's should be included) should be included and related to this theory. For example, I don't know how Cresselia and Darkrai fits in here. Does this make any sense to you? If you need extra explaining, plz comment. I'm not sure if there's a definite answer or not. I just want to know if the relations between Legendaries have actually been stated or proven. Also tell me what you think of what I thought in the paragraph.

bonus question(?) : Are Manaphy and Phione related in terms of this case? If so, then how? I just don't get how you can get a Phione when breeding Manaphy.

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Omg how the heck did you figure all that out??!?!?!?
you must have really done your research.
All I know is all the legendaries' are Pokémon(including mythicals) that you can only give 1 of and are supposed to be all powerful...
your theory seems pretty stable. Maybe you should write to Nintendo or something to clear all of this up.
You seem like you could be right though...good job with what you got:)
Shaymin was also probably created for the hell of ir aswell while The lake trio were created to stop Dialga or Palkia from creating their own dimensions but need giratina if the Dialga and Palkia teen up to create their own dimension. Im guessing that Cresselia represents the moon and darkrai exists to counter cresselia so they balance each other out. Zekrom and Reshiram were created and given to two princes and represent truth and ideals. I dont really understand how Kyurem fits in. Kyurem-B and Kyurem-W were created by the DNA splicers to arceus didnt really mean for them to exist. The sword pokemon Coballion Verizion and Terrakion were created to protect pokemon from people. Victini may have been given as a gift to the King of the Sword of the Vale. Thundurus and Tornadus are like weather pokemon controlling the weather and Landorus existed to stop them from destroying peoples farms and also to make the land fertile. Yvetall is kind of like Hadaes i guess, and is the pokemon of death wile Xerneas is the pokemon of life and new beings. zygarde is supposedly watchin the world from inside his caver and seeing how people aer ruining it.
Reshiram and Zekrom and Kyurem were once a whole pokemon made for the two  princes, but since they had different ideas, the pokemon split up and Zekrom and reshiram were created, but kyurem was an empty shell
Thats what happened XD ^
@redring345 I didn't really research anything; this is just something I always thought of since I was a little girl. Yep, I was quite the philosopher back then lol
Wow @slapmyturnip, that was...really deep, man... I totally forgot about Shaymin (that goes to show you how pointless it is -in my opinion, at least-) and B/W Kyurem so thanks for bringing those up. I just still wonder why Cresselia and Darkrai were made. I see how they represent the moon and darkness but they're not really the creators of moon and darkness so I don't really see a point in them. Not that I don't like em of course.

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Arceus does not directly create every legendary.

^ This chart might be of interest to you. But take it with a pinch of salt.

A few points about the chart:
1. Regigias was not created by man; Regigigas just existed (aka created by Arceus) and Regigigas in turn created the 3 golems. It was sealed away by humans who thought it was too powerful, and they also sealed away the 3 golems, who would be the 3 keys that open Regigigas' seal.
2. There is a theory about the Dogs trio; Suicune, Entei and Raikou. They were once Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon, the original Eeveelutions. Note that their typings are all the same, and the Dogs trio hidden abilities are the same as the Eeveelutions normal abilities. The Brass Tower (later Burnt Tower) was engulfed in a fire, and
>three unnamed Pokémon perished in the fire; Ho-Oh returned briefly to revive them after the fire had been put out.

Legendary Pokemon can create other Legendary Pokemon; it's not just Arceus that can create.
3. It's not really known if Dialga created Celebi or [email protected], but because Dialga is seen as the master of time, it makes sense that it created Celebi, which can travel through time, and the Eon Duo, who by their name are linked to time.
4. Same with Palkia; since it's the master of space (all space, including alien space), it makes sense that it was the one that created Deoxys, and indeed the Weather Trio who represent a portion of space on the Pokemon planet.

If you find something else in this chart that doesn't make sense... don't ask me, cause that's all I got. :I

Burnt Tower

Also, there's a huge speculation post here:
on tumblr about this chart & the origins of Pokemon.

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So Tornadus and Thunderus put together is Landorous?
Hey, no offence, but you must have a low threshold of what's awesome; this stuff just comes up on tumblr.
I have a lot of useless passive knowledge because of tumblr. :I
& yea; I think in B2W2 it was explained that Landorus calmed Tornadus & Thundurus when they ruined the land, and punished them by sealing them away. Landorus is basically the boss of the trio.
I'm saying that your points that you listed about the chart were awesome. But if you didn't make those either, then I take it back.
Oh I made those except #2; I saw that theory on, once again, tumblr.
Well whoever made the chart (and #2 lol) is very smart, that's for sure.
I think Regigas should've been created by Groudon, not people :/