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Tornadus, Reshiram, Kyurem, Virizion, Terrikion, Colbion, and Landerous.

Event: Victini, Genesect, Keldeo, and Meloetta
White: Zekrom and Thunderous

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This or this link, from Psypokes and Serebii respectively, shows the list of the Legendary Pokemon available currently in Pokemon Black/White.

So, basically the Legends obtained are :-

  • Reshiram (Black only, N's Castle or Dragonspiral Tower)
  • Zekrom (White only, N's Castle or Dragonspiral Tower)
  • Virizion (Pinwheel Forest, after catching Cobalion)
  • Cobalion (Mistralton Cave)
  • Terrakion (Victory Road, after cathing Cobalion ^)
  • Kyurem (Giant Chasm)
  • Tornadus (Roaming,Black only)
  • Thundurus (Roaming,White only)
  • Victini (Liberty Garden,Event)
  • Landorus (Abundant Shrine,with Thundurus and Tornadus in party{trade
                                            Thundurus/Tornadus from White/Black respectively

    to obtain both})

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Cobalion is not a legendary pokemon
Cobalion is.... It's one of the muscatier trio
it seems like all the legendaries are in Black Version but it isn't :P. When I get white version I gonna get a lot of these and then  get Landorous and Victini (he's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)