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In X and Y, with the variety of powerful Pokemon to obtain, having a viable and easily accesible false swipe user would be quite handy, especially with the likes of Mewtwo and Zygarde to consider.


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Farfetch'd aka Quacklin' (stay with me on this one)
You get Farfetch'd from a trade in-game in return for a Bunnelby, so it'll gain boosted experience and you can tack a Lucky Egg on it or even use Pokemon Amie to make to level up even faster. At least it's not weak to anything Zygarde or Mewtwo can throw at it. It also gets STAB from False Swipe as well.

Plus you get the bonus of being awesome for taking out a Mewtwo with Quacklin'.

Get a Cubone in Glittering Cave (level 15-16) and train it up to a Marowak. It'll be good against Zygarde since Marowak has base 110 defence, and a not shabby base 80 sp. def.

Again found in Glittering Cave at a relatively low level, Mawile is pretty rare to encounter as well. It does have resistance to Psychic, takes neutral damage to Fighting and an immunity to Dragon. However it is weak to ground, so maybe try and find one with Intimidate if you want to go for Mawile, or get something to mass spam Charm or switch between Pokemon that have Intimidate. It's not a waste to train up Mawile considering you can use it later for its Mega-form.

Bisharp aka Pierce
There's one in Snowbelle City in a trade for a Jigglypuff. It's at level 50, which means it only needs a bit more training and it's ready to go. The problem is that it's weak to ground and Mewtwo has Aura Sphere.

You can get one on Route 19 at about level 47-48. It has the bonus of psychic immunity and takes fighting hits neutrally, but it's also weak to ground.

Other options include Haxorus and Pangoro, but you get Axew and Pancham at level 10-13 or something like that, so if you've finished the game, then it'll take quite a bit of training to get it ready to fight Mewtwo/ Zygarde. Fearow is common in Victory Road too, but I just don't like it as a Pokemon (biased).

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Why you no Scizor... technician
Because it's a waste of a moveslot :3
you're a waste of a moveslot
Because it needs to be traded, which is a hassle. Farfetch'd can do the job.
Ahh, I'ma use my Scizor ;P
Bisharp/Durant/Gallade can all learn False Swipe and Thunder Wave; and trust me, it's a good moveset for catching. (Unless there's a ground-type like Zygarde that you want to catch; with him I just false swiped down to 1 HP and then threw 20 or so Ultra Balls)
Yea my Bisharp has T-Wave & False Swipe for shiny chaining; I got my Venusaur to use Sleep Powder on a ground type like Zygarde.
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Zangoose, can learn False Swipe, but doesn't learn any status ailment moves. Has a high Atk. stat, but low Def and S.Def, might wanna EV train him there.
Drapion learns False Swipe, decent Atk. Great Defense so he can take some punches.
Gallade learns False Swipe AND Thunder Wave, which is good, but we want 'em to sleep right?
Haxorus is a strong opponent, that learns False Swipe, but no status move....

I hope this helped!

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I reccomend Fearow coz he has high speed and If you battle Zygarde it´s immune against EQ.