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This is kind of a confusing question, but, for example, Greninja learns Spikes at 28, but evolves at 36. And only Greninja learns Spikes. Why not just have it level 1? But he's not the only one. Several fully-evolved Pokemon learn moves at levels before they evolve, but they're the only ones that learn it.

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This question is a little old, but I will do my best to answer it (since a best answer hasn't been chosen yet)!

People can sometimes hack their games to get a level 1 Greninja, for example. If they raise it, it has to learn moves as it grows, just like every other Pokemon, right?

This might also be something Gamefreak did to make the players want to play their game more--The player would have to look for a heart scale in order for the Greninja to learn Spikes (if they didn't hack their game)!

Another good example of this is Persian. It can learn Play Rough at Lv.1, and Meowth can't learn it at all. So what one could do is evolve their Meowth into Persian at Lv.28, then go get a heart scale and you can teach your Pokemon that move!

In conclusion, there is no real logical reason. It was just made that way, I guess.

I hope I helped!

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Simple really. This is most commonly for learning good moves befor it evolves. Itll learn it fairly early for example.
Normally a samurott will learn hydro pump around lvl 62. But if you want it to learn it even befor dewott give it an everstone nd oshawott will learn it around 42.

This greatly applies to Pokemon then when evolves gain a duel typing. Like mudkip to swampert. At a certain lvl mudkip would learn hydro pump where swampert wouldnt.
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True, but only Greninja learns Spikes, not Froakie or Frogadier.
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its game freaks idea, also there is no way of telling greninja learns spikes at 26 cause at the move rememberer it doesnt show lv unless game freak is showing the moves or I'm just missing out on all the info...
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