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Unless you have 2+ Evolutions with the same number, please list them separately. I am working on an Eeveelution team in X, and I want to have the best movesets on them.

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I ALWAYS breed my female Glaceon with my male Umbreon (both of these proud parents were originally Eevees). I (to my disbelief) bred 7 more Eevees (which all turned out to be male).

My Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Glaceon receive 4 Fire-type, Water-type, Electric-type, and Ice-type attacks respectively.
As for my remaining Eeveelutions (Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Sylveon), their movesets are far-more diverse than the other 4 Eeveelutions.

[Note that when I say "diverse", I mean that they can learn a variety of attacks (and not just 4 moves that match the users' types).]

I have my Flareon's moveset as Sunny Day, Fire Fang, Flame Charge, and Flamethrower.
(I equip either the Charcoal or Heat Rock onto it)
I have my Vaporeon's moveset as Rain Dance, Scald, Waterfall, and Surf.
(I equip either the Mystic Water or Damp Rock onto it)
I have my Jolteon's moveset as Charge Beam, Thunder Fang, Discharge, and Thunderbolt.
(I equip the Magnet onto it)
I have my Glaceon's moveset as Hail, Frost Breath, Ice Fang, and Ice Beam.
(I equip either the Never-Melt-Ice or Icy Rock onto it)

I have my Espeon's moveset as HP (Bug), Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, and Psychic.
(I equip the Twisted Spoon onto it)
I have my Umbreon's moveset as Tackle, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Psychic.
(I equip either the Black Glasses or Spell Tag onto it)
I have my Leafeon's moveset as Sunny Day, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, and Leaf Blade.
(I equip either the Miracle Seed or Heat Rock onto it)
I have my Sylveon's moveset as Toxic, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, and Psyshock.
(I equip either the Float Stone or Destiny Knot onto it)

As for Level, I evolved them at level 30 in Pokémon SM and I used my advantage of visiting the move relearner to get the moves I wanted on my Eeveelutions.
I originally created this exact scenario in my Pokémon X game and now I have redid it a second time in my Pokémon Sun game. (It's a trend I do)
All of Eevee's level up moves can be learned as soon as you want with the move "reminder", so there's no need to delay the evolution unless you're playing a game other than SM.

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Well, when looking at Pokemon on any website, the smaller the value of the Pokemon's base exp, the faster it would be to get that Pokemon to lvl100.

Since Eevee's growth rate is much less than either eeveelution, it is much more beneficial to train an Eevee to as high of a level as necessary, before you evolve it to your prefered choice. After evolved, you can use relearn the Eeveelution's new moves from the Move Relearner/Reminder. But, different eeveelutions should be evolved at different times.

Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon: Since these three evolve using an evolution stone, it is best to get an Eevee to level 100, and then use the stone, as Eevee doesn't need to gain a level with a stone to evolve.
Espeon/Umbreon: Using the time of the day to evolve can be slightly tricky, but it shouldn't be as hard in the newer games as you can physically see the difference in brightness outside. For these evolutions, you can evolve them from getting Eevee from 99-100, but you may want to settle a couple levels earlier, in case you get Espeon instead of Umbreon, and vice versa.
Leafeon/Glaceon: These evolutions use a particular rock found ingame; Mossy Rock from Leafeon, Icy Rock for Glaceon. This method isn't very complicated, so you should be able to evolve it when getting Eevee from lvl 99-100.
Sylveon: This eeveelution also needs to gain a level in order to evolve, so getting it from 99-100 shouldn't be an issue. You do however that you make sure you have an Eevee with 2-heart affection - otherwise, it wouldn't work. So, you should also consider evolving a couple levels earlier.

As for all these Pokemon, after evolved, you can relearn your preferred moves for your eeveelution from the move relearner. If you do however need to evolve early for a gym, definitely do that - it shouldn't be that much of a bigger difference to get the eeveelution to lvl100 in comparison to Eevee. If you do have Rare Candies, definitely utilize them for the eeveelutions who need a level up for evolution, that way you can ensure everything is right, and evolve it right away.

Hope I helped! :)

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First, base exp. you're referring to is the base experience YIELD, or how much experience the Pokemon yields when defeated. This is obviously not a factor when training your own Pokemon, as Pokemon only yield experience when wild or owned by an NPC. How fast a Pokemon reaches level 100 is determined by GROWTH RATE, which never changes when a Pokemon evolves. Second, you're assuming that the question asker wants a level 100 Pokemon. A level 100 Pokemon is only ever useful for Wifi battles, and most people don't care much about winning Wifi battles, so this isn't a very safe assumption.
Ok, I accidentally mixed up the base exp with growth rate. With the lvl to evolve, they are allowed to decide whenever to evolve the pokemon, as I mentioned in this last paragraph if they might need it for the gym, or in the first paragraph where I said they can go as high of a level when "necessary". It's just the 99-100 lvl up is where the limit is set, in terms of the time-frame from which they are able to safely evolve and learn their preferred moves.
As I said before, growth rate never changes when a Pokemon evolves, so it's not "much more beneficial to train your Eevee to as high of a level as necessary, before you evolve it". Also as I said before, raising a Pokemon to level 99-100 is a waste of time unless they're being used for Wifi battles. Even if the Eevees were for Wifi battles, it would be much easier to evolve them earlier and train their evolved forms to level 100. Moves shouldn't be a concern either, because he can simply take the Eevee to the move "reminder" so it can learn all its desired moves before it does anything else.