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I know that it isn't shiny so what is it? Will it be some kind of event?

It's a floette.

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AZ's Floette (eternal flower Floette) is an unused variation of Floette owned by AZ that has appeared in the coding in every single main title Pokémon game released for the 3DS, but has never been used outside it's model.

It has a unique stat spread different from a regular Floette focusing more on offense and speed.

It was originally believed to have been a Pokémon to be distributed during the XY years, but generation 6 came and went, the rumoured Pokémon Z never happened ect. It's overall purpose remains unclear, it is likely that it was only intended for a boss fight with AZ that included Floette in his roster.

That of course never happened either.

In Ultra Sun and Moon it has it's own unique Pokedex entry despite never being obtainable legitimately.

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It could very well possibly be an event. I don't believe there's any current information released about his Floette yet, but there's always a possibility it'll make a later appearance, as an event, or something else entirely.

We aren't sure, so you're going to have to wait it out.

Although, we're pretty sure the coding for it (Floette) is already in the game, so there's a very real possibility it could be a later event.



Thank you!!!!!!
Yeah, the coding is there, the hacker that revealed the legendary trio and 2 other Megas got it into the game.