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Whats a good wall VS Mewtwo?


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Well, the best wall in ubers is Lugia.

Lugia @ Leftovers
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 252 HP, 176 Def, 80 Sp. Def
Nature: Bold
-Thunder Wave
-Ice Beam

To be honest, Lugia is probably the only thing that can safely deal with Mewtwo without taking into account what set the Mewtwo is running, or what mega stone it's holding. That being said, Lugia can only phase, it can't do a lot to Mewtwo except tank its hits. If you want a counter, use Sucker Punch Mega Absol.

However, even if the Mewtwo is packing Mewtwoite X, it'll still most likely run a mixed set, considering its abundance of reliable special moves that provide coverage.

Or Sucker Punch Yveltal -_-' (everybody forgot it)
I think that Absol is better just because of Magic Bounce so no Will-O-Wisp, also it can run a purely physical set, meaning no split EVs.
But yea I agree that Yveltal is overlooked; considering that you only get one mega evolution in a team, Yveltal a good alternative to Absol if you already have a mega evolution.

It is "MewtwoNite X, not Mewtoite X" I think. But probably, I am wrong as I do not have the game.
Oh yea it is -nite; I was thinking of Absolite. :I
Giratina could possibly be used, all it has to fear is ice beam
And sometimes Shadow Ball.