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hey I have heard sooo many things that I'm not sure which one I should believ, but I would like to know if and how you can obtain the charizardite X if you chose a different starter (i chose squirtle)..
your answer would be greatly appreciated :) xxx

and I would only like an answer from a user who has whitnessed this and knows how to and if you can,,

thank you x


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You can buy it at the Stone Emporium for 1000000 pokedollars. But you can lower that by:

  1. Working at the Hotel in Lumiose City.
    2.Going to various cafes.
    3.Going to various restaurants.

After I did all this it dropped to 500000

Hope I helped.

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Dats a lot of cash
but the guy only sells venasaurites ;~;
You have to buy that first then afterwards you'll be able to buy it :)
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Stone Emporium, Lumiose city. Take a Taxi to get there,
I believe the price varies depending on your Style