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Roughly, would it be quicker to get a shiny with the Masuda Method than Chaining with the Poke Radar?

I know some is down to luck but there is maths behind it.


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So the highest chance of getting a shiny from of chaining is 1/200, which will happen once you get to the 40th Pokemon in your chain. After that, the chances of getting a shiny are the same.

Masuda Method gets the chances of a shiny to 1/1365, so on the surface of things chaining is quicker.

However, shiny chaining requires a lot of concentration and effort, not just time. Masuda Method really only needs time, since all you need to do is cycle around to hatch eggs. It also takes a significant amount of time to get proficient at shiny chaining, since the chain can break pretty easily.

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Thanks, that was a great answer!
I'm trying my hand at chaining right now so with me luck!
Also I should say that with Masuda method, you have more control of determining natures, IVs etc. of your Pokemon, so that might interest you if you're into competitive battling.
Good luck!