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When combined with pathetic special defence, sturdy, recover/rest, and you've got yourself a great mirror coat user. With a sky-high defence stat, most Pokemon will resort to their special attacks instead of their physical attacks. Reminds me of Blissey with counter.
Sadly this behemoth can only learn it via breeding, so can someone list the Pokemon that are compatible or leave a link?

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Well, let me just tell you that this won't be very easy, I'm sorry to say.

Firstly, breed a:
Corsola♂ with the move Mirror Coat. Corsola learns Mirror Coat at Level 45.
Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise♀. The closer to Level 45 it is, the better chance of getting an egg.

This is hard in itself, since Corsola only has a 25% chance of being male, and Squirtle has a measly 12.5% chance of being female. A bit sad, but it's possible. You can go around the GTS.

Wait until you get a Squirtle♂ with Mirror Coat.
The gender matters, but this should be easy since it's an 87.5% chance of getting a male Squirtle.

Now, breed:
The Squirtle you just got before

The offspring of this Pokemon should be a Bergmite with the Mirror Coat egg move.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Multiple parts of Serebii

Wow that looks like a tough challenge! Thanks! I would make this the best answer but the website won't let me for some reason. Sorry :(
I'm gonna try this!
I totally did it! I've got a ton of squirtles with mirror coats and Bergmites, Gonna splash them all over GTS!