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My friend progressed a bit now in the story of Pokémon X & Y and now, he's blocked (He did not tell me where). Apparently, he needs a Rhyhorn. He has got 2 questions:

  1. Is Rhyhorn mandatory to progress in Pokémon X & Y ?
  2. If so, is it worth to training it till LV100 ?

Thanks for your help.

Well, I can't help you as long as I don't know where he is. I finished the game and I never needed a Rhyhorn, neither in X OR Y
Oh, really ?
ya, I guess he means a rhyhorn road, but there is already a rhyhorn to climb on there. Maybe ask him again, I'm pretty sure there is no problem here.

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You don't need a Rhyhorn to progress through the game though you need to ride on one. But the game already provides Rhyhorn's to ride on so there is nothing to worry about. Btw Rhyhorn isn't the only Pokemon that is to be ridden :P

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I will ask him again. Thanks.